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Finding It Difficult To Satisfy Your Partner Guys? Check This Styles Out



The animalistic behavior of a male jamming his member into a female’s member is rewarding either without climax or Release. You didn’t know s*x is animalistic in nature? Does s*x look like something civilized people do, especially fast doggy, the sight is something else but definitely a great pastime activity.
It is an enjoyable act no doubt, the skin contact, the sounds, the emotional connection is all good but there are times that the s*x is good but it doesn’t end in climax. This is fine but you also need to know that some s*x positions make it hard to climax.

“Many men prefer s*x positions where they can control penetration and often these positions are not clitoral-centric,” says Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., licensed marriage and family therapist and certified s*x therapist. And since more than 80 percent of women are reliant on clitoral stimulation during s*x to climax, that’s no bueno, she says.

Luckily, Jamie Hergenrader at Women’s Health has compiled a list of what to do in these popular s*x position to achieve climax. The tips are meant to boost your chances for overall best performances.

1. Missionary position

While this is like the easiest, and also intimate position, it can be lacking in some part. Watching your man grind on top of you and making eye contact can be super sexy. But your cli**ris is usually left out of the action, says Van Kirk. Sadly, this means the chances are really slim.

A simple solution will be for the lady to lay on top of the guy with his legs stretched out, while she is riding, she can rub her cli**ris against him as they move. If you’ve got vibrating man-hood ring, feel free to add it to the mix.

2. Reverse cowgirl

Similar to the missionary, you’re having the fun but the clit is missing out big time. A simple solution can be the lady rubbing cli**ris with her hands or even better with a vibrator says Van Kirk. The guy can enjoy the spectacle from where he is.

3. Standing s*x

This is a Yeoman’s job, forget how the movies paint it to be, it can be super challenging in real life. Doing it vertical style is hot in the movies, but logistically challenging in real life. Your heights and the angle of penetration just aren’t very climax-friendly, says Van Kirk.

To get the best out of this position, prop the lady’s leg up with a furniture or something to reduce the height difference, also let her open her legs wider, so the guy’s hand can get into your legs to rub the cli**ris. I know it takes a lot of work.

4. Doggy

Even the great doggy position has its limitations as well, and it’s the same as the rest, the chance for cli**ris stimulation is low. Like the others, there’s no easy clitoral contact with this s*x position, and some women report that their partners go too deep while doing it doggy, which can be painful, says Van Kirk. The solution to this is to be vocal about it, tell him when he’s going too deep. .

“This is a good position to find the best way to stimulate your G-spot,” says Van Kirk. “Your best bet is to have him use short, quick, consistent thrusts,” she says. You can also use your hand for some clitoral action or better still a vibrator.

5. Spooning

It’s a favorite for mornings when you’re feeling lazy, or for some close-contact action, but it doesn’t provide the best angle for your climax, says Van Kirk. To make it better, while spooning, raise her top leg up, you can hold or rest it on your top leg. This will make it easier, also the man-hood will come in contact with the cli**ris.

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