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First Time SA Visitor Left Stranded After Lagos Uber Driver Robbed Her. (Photos)



sa visitor stranded

A female first time visitor has been left stranded in Nigeria, after a Lagos Uber driver robbed her of over a million naira. The victim, who is a South African and has been identified as Mongy Mathobela, wrote:

“I’m a visitor in Nigeria. I went to the bank to withdraw money in Lekki, so he saw the money that I had it in my bag.

He left me stranded on the road luckily, I had my phone on me because I wanted to buy something on the side of the road. I even bought him food and paid him more than what he was supposed to be paid and inside my bag it was my passport and money 500k naira and $2000.

Please help me share this so that I can get my passport and go back to my country my flight is on Thursday I do not have a passport. Pls help.”

In her recent tweet, she revealed that the uber thief dropped her passport at a safe place.

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