When you first hear of “fish bra”, you just might be wondering what it looks like. Is it a new innovation or one of the wonders of modern science. Most people imagine it might be a bra made from fish, maybe its scale or something. Or even whether it is a fish-shaped bra.

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bra fish
Is ‘fish bra’ a new innovation or one of the wonders of science?

Well, I was curious as well, and my curiosity led me to go surfing the ‘net. Curiosity soon turned into disappointment as I found the most bizarre trend of all times. Is this also fashion or madness? Please tell me after checking out what I found.

Well, sorry to disappoint you but ‘fish bra’ is neither a new innovation nor one of the wonders of science but new bizarre trend that is sweeping through the social media.

fish bra

In this new social media trend, countless women are seen posing with sea creatures held across their breasts. The women, clad, usually only in bikini bottoms, are seen holding a strategically-placed fish to preserve whatever is left of their modesty.

fish bra II

Some women  hold the sea-life over their bare breasts, while others chose to keep their bikini tops or bras on under the fish, enabling them to show their catch off better.

fish bra4
Others chose to keep their bikini tops or bras on under the fish, enabling them to show their catch off better.

One Instagram account FishBras, which has 114,000 followers, has been making a splash thanks to the racy photos it is posting.

fish bra5

On its page, some of the women are seen holding the aquatic creatures over their bare breasts, whilst others opt to flaunt the fish in fuller view whilst relying on real bras or bikini tops to keep them covered.

The crazy trend seems to be  popularized by women who like to go fishing, who then showcase their catch in a rather bizarre way.

Star fish bra
Starfish ‘fish bra’


Tuna fish bra
Tuna fish ‘fish bra’

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Now you know what fish bra is all about, what do you make of the trend? Fashion or simply madness? Drop your comment below…


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