Fivio Foreign & Rowdy Rebel Are Cooking Up Some Heat

It’s been a few weeks since Rowdy Rebel’s release and we’ve yet to officially receive his “First Day Out” freestyle. The streets have been waiting on new music from Rowdy, especially after his incredibly brief appearance on Pop Smoke’s “Make It Rain.” 

The new sound of Brooklyn emerged while Rowdy was away, cementing the influence he and Bobby Shmurda had within a short frame of time. Fivio Foreign, a close associate to GS9 before the success of “Big Drip,” was among those eagerly awaiting on their return. Last night, Rowdy and Fivio Foreign officially locked in for a studio session. Footage of the two inside of the studio together made its rounds but the video itself was muted so unfortunately, there’s not a snippet for us to share.

During the past season of On The Come Up, Fivio Foreign explained to HNHH the impact that artists Rowdy Rebel and Shmurda had on him. Describing them as the “hometeam,” he explained, “They gave me the knowledge that it is possible for me. You know, we all thinkin’ like, ‘It’s possible. N***a gets signed, then they go viral, and they get money from music.’”

Unfortunately, as he witnessed their rise to the top, he was also there when their demise began. “I mean, n***as was hurt. N***as lost all hope. First, n***** was thinkin’, like, I ain’t gon lie, n***as ain’t never really been through no shit like that, you know what I mean?” He explained about the neighborhood’s reaction to their incarceration. “Time went past, and shit started to get real. Like, ‘Oh shit,’ So, it just woke everybody up. It put everybody’s head above water.”

Check out the full episode of OTCU below. 

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