F**k All Of You Supporting Polithiefians

Popular Nigerian rapper, Vector has taken to social media to berate cult members who have since changed the idea of what a cult should stand for, and now see it as a platform to kill and maim innocent individuals.


VectorTaking to his Twitter page, he reminded all cultists that the reason for the existence of cults was to worry and speak against corrupt practices in the country, not serve as a vehicle for violence.

Vector wrote, “fuck all the people praising polithiefians. Fuck all the people campaigning for them. If your father / mother is a thief and you are aware, fuck you too. Greed will ruin you. I do not need security to move around people. You do for a reason. God bless the soldiers.

“Na only money we all know. If that’s a lie, Look around you… most idiots think it’s money that saves them from poverty. Just look around you. The same money wey many not get reach kyari and Ajumobi. My dad fought with the #UN too. Where the fuck is your pride?

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“As a kid, my mum would remind me how I used to ask her why she wanted me to smile… Guess it informed why I don’t talk to a lot of people. I just don’t get how we all just move like all is well. New flash oga! All isn’t. It’s trash!

“If you be cultist and your orientation na to kill another man just because him be cultist then you are a fool. You pledged your self to fighting against corrupt men who have influenced authority to their will. I repeat, if ur motive na to attack another person like you, u be fool.”

Photo Credit: Twitter

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