Floral print has been a feminine kind of clothing, but even men are now attracted to it. For many, floral prints are for beach wear and floating blouses but in the fashion world today, these prints are been used in everyday life from work outfit to party and gatherings. It’s important to know how to mix the floral prints as it is very colorful and modern.

Floral print is so colorful, wearing another flowery accessory might just turn your look into a costume so it’s important to know which floral will go, big and bold prints suit only a few people while cool colors and smaller prints suit almost everyone. The plus size divas are not left out of these floral prints and we are here to show you how to rock your floral prints. Scroll down to inspire your choice:

Look gorgeous in a floral print jumpsuit, pair with a statement earring and a sandal heel.


Look chic in a nice blouse and a floral pencil skirt, complete the look with a purse and a sandal heel.


Upp your game in a floral body hug gown, compliment the look with a purse and flat shoe.


Be simple in a maxi floral print gown with a chain bag.


look colorful in a short flare gown with a stripe shirt, finish the look with a sandal heel.


Kit up with a floral flare gown and a nude sandal heel.


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