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Folarin Named As Ojo Ola Oyo Denies Attack On Sports Minister – Lifestyle Nigeria

APC governorship candidate in Oyo State, Senator Teslim Folarin has been drawn into controversy after a senior campaign official was accused of masquerading as Ojo Ola Oyo to launch the recent attack on the minister of youth and sports, Mr Sunday Dare.

Meanwhile, the crisis stirred by the attack launched in the name of a group Oojo Ola Oyo got messier on Thursday after supporters of another APC leader, Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan accused an unnamed Folarin aide of stealing the name of their group to launch the attack on the minister.

. reports that Mr Dare came under attack on Tuesday when a press statement allegedly instigated in the name of the group, Oojo Ola Oyo accused the minister of anti-party activities.

Ebonyi state governement lodge Abuja

However, responding to the attack on the minister, Comrade Adewale Adesope, President, Ojo Ola Oyo in a statement made available to ., rebuffed the attack on the minister. He said that the name of their group which was initially conceived to support the 2019 governorship aspiration of Kehinde Olaosebikan was deceitfully used to attack Dare.

He said:

“Following the break of the libelous news item from the phony Oojo Ola Oyo since Tuesday, we have been inundated with visits, calls, messages by people associating us with the irresponsible publication. Initially, we thought of ignoring the whole issue taking it as one of such bad stories that would fade away with time, but the reactions to the weighty allegations contained in the report have proved us wrong. This particular debauched story is not fading out any time soon. As it is, it may lead to serious legal matters.

“Although, we noticed that the people behind the politically motivated release deliberately bastardized the spelling of Ojo as Oojo, to hide their evil intention against us, particularly our founder, we have realized that the public have taken their spelling of Oojo as Ojo as a typographical error.

“At that point, we felt compelled to tell the world that our organization, Ojo Ola Oyo has nothing to do with the press release. We did not know anything about it and neither was our Founder, Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan nor the present leadership of the group under my humble self. We dissociate ourselves wholly from the hatchet work of the evil doers.

“Our Founder, apart from being a long standing friend of the Honorable minister, he is a gentleman known for peace and wellbeing of others. More than any other leader of the All Progressives Congress, Alhaji Olaosebikan has been in the forefront of restoring peace and harmony in the party.

“This can be attested to by party leaders including the state chairman of the party, Chief Isaac Omodewu, the gubernatorial candidate of the party, Senator Teslim Folarin, the leader of the Progressives in the state, Alhaji Fatai Ibikunle, Chief Wale Ohu and Alhaji Kayode Adanla. Olaosebikan personally intervened in the crisis that engulfed APC in Oyo State after the state congress.

“Also, following the problems that tore the party apart after the party primaries, Alhaji Olaosebikan was the first leader to call a genuine peace meeting of stakeholders in his federal constituency, not minding the shenanigans that robbed him of the ticket.

“Alhaji Olaosebikan appealed to all the aggrieved leaders and members to forgive those that manipulated the primaries and let bygone be bygone. He literally begged them to remain in APC for the sake of the party. I was there and it was well reported in the media..

“Sadly, our findings have revealed that the person behind the fake Oojo Ola Oyo is an aide to the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Oyo State, Distinguished Senator Teslim Folarin and this baffled us to no end.

“First, at a time when all reasonable supporters of Senator Folarin, including us, are begging and canvassing support for the candidate, this obtuse man is busy concocting wicked lies to destroy the Oyo State representative in the federal cabinet, the highest political office holder in the state.

“At a time that this so called kitchen cabinet member of the candidate ought to be engaged propagating good things about his principal, he decided to be destroying people, writing inoperable letters and press releases using fake identities.

“We thought of why he resorted to using our name in his libelous statement and we found three reasons: One, to cause disaffection between our Founder and his friend of over 30 years, the honorable minister. Two, the evil aide wanted the public to see our Founder as a traitor and a bad person issuing falsehood to destroy his friend. Three, the perfidious man wanted to destroy the Minister along with our Founder. It is himself and his cohorts that would be destroyed and get perished by the grace of the Almighty.”

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