Hitting the gym is just half the battle, you seem to put on more muscles and you feel too worn out to come back the next day, chances occur not because of your exercise routines but because of lack or insufficient energy boosting food intake.

At that point, of a sudden you get extremely hungry! On the other hand, possibly you just not eager. It is important that after exercise you boost your energy level to be able to meet up for the next day workouts.

I think you would like to know the best food and drink you can take after workouts to restore or boost your energy level? Continue reading.

This food and drink will be best to skyrocket your energy level after a great workout or exercise.

1. Eggs
We need protein! Your muscles need to recover after a workout and here they can best use a little help. Proteins are good muscle repairers. And let there in eggs just say a lot of protein and, of course, are proteins. And no, you do not really eat eggs raw in order to benefit from it. The eggs have the exact same nutritional value, both raw and cooked.


2. Bananas
Bananas are loaded with good carbs you can certainly use after an intense workout. Bananas also contain plenty of potassium and help with muscle recovery. In short, a convenient and quick snack that is also another nice.


3. Pineapple
A pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain. This enzyme contributes to the healing of sprains, bruises and swellings. Pineapple also contains a lot of vitamin C. You can also choose to make pineapple juice. Put a pineapple chunks in a blender, add some water and ready your fresh pineapple juice!

4. Fresh orange juice
You’re probably already inclined to reach for that bottle sports drink. Try something different and drinking fresh orange juice after exercise. First, you get as vitamin C and orange juice also is also another full of potassium. If you have a potassium deficiency can make you feel weak and restless, so make sure you bring back up after exercising your potassium level.

Fresh Orange Juice, a good . of energy!
Fresh Orange Juice, a good . of energy!

5. Dried fruit and nuts
This snack will give you protein and also contains another good carb. Please note that you have unsweetened dried fruits and the nuts are unsalted.

dried nut

6. Salmon
As you may already know salmon is packed with protein. This, therefore, makes it an appropriate ‘snack for after exercise. Not only proteins are beneficial for your body, but the omega 3 fats in salmon help you repair your muscles and provide better performance during exercise.


7. Blueberries
Blueberries contain a huge . of antioxidants. Where it good for? Well, antioxidants Cosy retreat ensure that they combat oxidants. What are antioxidants? These pathogens. A handful of extra blueberries can not hurt.


8. Sweet potato
You can make super a lot of dishes with sweet potatoes, but looking around! You’ll be surprised how many things, both savory and sweet, you can do with this ingredient. Sweet potato is full of good carbohydrates and also contains another much magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin D and potassium. In short, again a suitable choice for after sports.

sweet potatoes

9. Water
Water, water, water! There is really no better drink after exercise. your body, if it is good, a lot of waste released by sweating. During exercise, you lose so much fluid and it is important to replenish your moisture again. Remember as well not to drink plenty of fluids during your workout.

woman drinking water
Woman drinking water to stay healthy

Your body uses a lot of energy during a workout. If you fail to complete your energy level within two hours after exercise then your muscles recover less well and your exercise may be utterly useless. Even a small handful of food can be enough.

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