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For Guys: 5 Ways To Know You Have Found ‘The One’



You met someone who laughs at your jokes, has interests similar to yours and always has your back. But how do you know she’s the one to marry? Deciding to spend the rest of your life (theoretically) with another person is a major decision, and you want to do everything you can to avoid screwing it up. Nothing is guaranteed, but we’ve come up with five ways to know she’s The One.

One thing that’s crucial to any relationship is unconditional support. Sure, it’s easy for her to have your back when you’re making six figures, but will she be at your side if you don’t get that promotion, or if you decide to leave your job and pursue other interests? If the answer is an unequivocal yes, she might be your true love. “One of the biggest problems couples have is money, and specifically, differences in styles of spending and attitudes about their budget,” said Karen Sherman, Ph.D. So make sure you’re really on the same page.

Boundaries are healthy — we all have them. But if you’re wondering whether you’re ready to pledge the rest of your life to someone, make sure she can let you in. And we’re not talking about saving the day if you forget your keys. You want someone who can let down her guard and share all aspects of her life comfortably. She shouldn’t only allow you to see her at her best. If she’s willing to break down those walls, chances are you’ll feel inclined to do the same. That will pave the way for an honest and stable marriage.

Every woman has her vices and standards, but you want to ensure you’ve found someone who isn’t impossible to please. Is she always complaining about wanting a bigger apartment or more extravagant gifts? If her gripes are valid, take them into consideration. But if she has unrealistic expectations and never seems satisfied, you might want to avoid taking your relationship to the next level. As cliché as it sounds, the most important aspect of your relationship should be your commitment to each other.

This one seems obvious (at least as far as a monogamous relationship is concerned), but we’re not just talking about loyalty in a no-cheating way. When choosing to declare your unrivaled devotion to someone, you want to be positive she feels the same way. In other words, does she defend you when necessary? Do you trust her to have your back during disagreements with others? If the answer is yes, seems like you’ve found someone who’s as devoted to you as you are to them.

If your family and friends are important to you, it makes life a lot easier if they approve of the person you’re dating and intend to marry. If you’ve really found true love, chances are she brings out the best in you, and your loved ones can sense that and are pleased. Of course, not everyone gets along with one another, and you may have a cousin or old college pal who just doesn’t mesh with your significant other. That’s fine, but if most people in your life can’t get on board with your love, you might want to reassess the situation. If their reasons for disliking her are valid (“She’s too controlling”), take a step back and regroup.

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