Every woman dream is to have a perfect man with perfect qualities (full options), the option of very good in bed is inclusive so let us not deceive ourselves. But it’s so very unfortunate that most men can’t have all the qualities. This option make most girls keep several men for different qualities. So right now I will only list the se x quality.

Here are 6 signs to note that she is only using you for s ex.

1, She always wants you to talk dirty on the phone:. When all she want from you on the phone is to talk spoilt and dirty gist every time. 

2, She doesn’t bother you for cash:. When a girl only sees you as s ex partner the chances for her to demand money from you is very low.

3, She does not talk future with you:. she always goes mute each time you raise anything futuristic gist, she will never contribute anything to it.

4, She only comes to your house when she is se x starved:. the minutes she enter your house she goes Straight to your bed and start cuddling you. 

5, When she buys you Via gra:. anytime she is coming to your house she always come with Vi agra or other s ex performing drugs. Or she might demand that you buy them.

6, When she wants you to drink alcohol:. anytime she is around she want you to be high. She can even sacrifice her money to buy you some wine just for you to get tipsy.

7, When she still comes to you after getting married to someone else:. yes the fact she is married to someone else yet she still come to you for cuddling or s ex. 

Let me stop here. You can add yours 




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