It is not uncommon to see young men being in relationships with women who are quite older than them, sometimes . up to a decade or more.

>’s what to know before you start dating a woman who is old enough to be your aunt or… well… mother!

• You are in different stages in your lives, so, she is not likely to always accept your point of view.

• She is very likely to be financially buoyant than you.

• She is likely to make all the decisions, including where to go on vacation or which restaurants to eat at, or which hotel to go for s*xual rendezvous.

• She will likely pay for almost everything, such as food, plane tickets, or a night out at a bar.

• She is very independent of you.

• She will never tolerate cheating on your part.

• She doesn’t see much of a future with you, so, she lives for the moment.

• Because of the age difference, you’re not likely to have anything in common.

• Don’t expect her children to like or welcome you.

• Expect to frequently hear a question like, “Is he your son?”

• She is very likely to dictate the pace in bed.

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