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For Ladies: > Are Some Things You Do That Men Find Attractive



When you appreciate things we’ve done

Like feeling useful, every man wants to feel appreciated. So like, if we grabbed you a coffee before work and brought it home when you wake up on your day off, at least text us saying thank you.

Though tasks such as these shouldn’t always be addressed because doing nice things for each other is just part of being in a relationship, it’s nice to give credit where credit is due (at least every now and then), and it doesn’t take much effort.

When you initiate anything s*xual

Sure, a guy might initiate s*x most of the time, but if you switch things up and . the dominant role, he’s not going to hate it, I assure you. It’s nice to feel sexually desired . a woman, (and what better way to do so than initiate a s*xual encounter!) because, I mean, men need love too!

When you wear our clothes

When you wear our clothes — which tend to be oversize in the best of ways, draping subtly off your shoulders and hanging a few inches above your knees — it’s intensely attractive. This sartorial decision enforces the idea that you love — or at least care for — us. The fact that you opt for our clothes over your own is as good as a signed contract of your love. OK, maybe that was a tad drastic, but you get it.

When you make us feel useful

Can’t lift something or open that stubborn pickle jar? Just ask us. Everybody likes to feel useful even in the smallest of ways, and guys tend to like using strength as a means of being useful. Not because you’re weak, but because we’re strong — or at least we like to be told we are. You see where I’m going with this. Just let us open the jar.

When you touch us

We love your touch, especially when said touch is an indication of protection. We love knowing that you feel safe and protected with us, and the way you physically touch us helps illustrate this fact in an authentic way.

Whether you grip our arm and take note of our bicep, rub our shoulders just because, or rest your head under our arms before bed, all of these things enforce the idea that we’ve made you feel safe and secure. And that feeling is as good as gold.

.: Pop Sugar

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