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For Ladies: Ever Wondered What Happens To Your Body During Sex? Well, >’s Your Chance



Asides from the conscious and voluntary tugging of private parts going on between two individuals ideally. There are many other stuffs going on in the brain and the body, it changes the body for a few minutes depending on how long your s*x sessions last, everything that happens that leads to climax is quite interesting. There are psychological reactions in the head and in the body, writes Sarah Klein, Prevention.

The human body is a complex machine, having a thorough knowledge of one’s body might not be necessary especially when everything is going on well but it something is off, then that knowledge becomes important in your ‘troubleshooting’ attempt. “There are so many organs and systems involved in s*xual function, and you need every single one to be in working order for everything to go well,” says Lauren Streicher, MD, clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine and author of s*x Rx.

> is the list of what happens

1. Your brain and hormones are busy

Earlier in this article if you remember, I said something about it being psychological, happens in your head type thing. The brain is busy while you’re having s*x. “Libido starts in the brain,” Streicher says. Getting into the naughty mood is what we call it, scientists call it something else, the right balance of neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine, to facilitate desire.

“Women’s excitement phase is above the shoulders, versus below the waist for men,” says ob-gyn Sherry A. Ross, MD, author of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Men can get aroused . what they see while arousal takes place in the mind of a woman. This is the reason why depression, troubled mind or stress can be mood-killers.  As s*xual excitement builds, adrenaline starts pumping, as do all three s*x hormones, Ross says. More hormones are responsible for s*x drive than estrogen, there are progesterone and testosterone.

During and after s*x, endorphins surge, leading to feelings of euphoria, deep relaxation, and sometimes even less pain, says Johannes Hinrich von Borstel, author of Heart: The inside Story of Our Body’s More Heroic Organ.

2. Your heart flusters

When s*x is happening, your body is excited and blood needs to get to certain areas, the heartbeat becomes quicker, pumping blood around the body especially to your private part. Your breathing increases too with the physical nature of s*x. In this way, s*x is almost like a workout, von Borstel says, “and it’s much more fun than struggling outside on a bicycle or running in the rain.”

3. Your blood vessels expand

Because your heart is busy, the blood vessels quite naturally enlarges, which allows for better blood flow to the very important parts for s*x. “More blood flow to the private parts is why a guy gets an erection and a woman starts to lubricate,” Streicher explains.

4. Your skin blushes

Remember that compliment people get when they just have s*x, the glowing thing about their body, the blood vessels expanding for more blow flow, makes the skin flourish better.

5. Your muscles contract

Muscles in the pelvic floor are the lucky ones >, they contract in anticipation of climax. Especially those in the pelvic floor, and nearby ab and leg muscles, Ross says, in preparation for climax. “Your body tenses up before the relaxation of an climax,” she says.

6. The v**ina lubricates

We spoke earlier about blood flow, this stimulates the v**ina lubrication, also the swelling of labia and cli**ris. This effect can be amplified with direct physical stimulation to the area, Ross says.

7. The chest swells

Still reeling from the improved blood flow during s*x, this can also have a temporary effect on the b**bs, they become bigger temporarily too, and the bosoms get hard.

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