Asking a white lady out on a date is quite simple, but Nigerian ladies need extra efforts to win their heart.

On the other hand, most young men are naive when it comes to knowing the best thing to do or say to a woman in order to captivate her.

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Some think if she feels the same way she will come around. Wake up darling! It doesn’t work that way in Nigeria. Nigerian ladies love being chased after and if you are not doing it right you might spending forever wooing her until a smarter guy claims the territory.

Mind you, women are very sensitive creatures and can perceive from a distance when a guy is serious about them and when he’s just trying his luck. Want to appear and eventually be serious about that girl you have been ogling all these while? These tips will help you.

1. Declare Your Intentions

This is one of the gravest mistakes men make; thinking that the girl knows they like her just because they are nice to her. She receives niceness on a daily basis so you should let her know verbally that you want to be in a relationship with her, rather than wait for her to understand and reciprocate to your unspoken words.


2. Never Relent in the Chase

You don’t expect her to say yes to you just like that. Even after she says no, use every opportunity to remind her that you still care.

It’s usually a fun game for ladies when one guy keeps asking for their love even after they must have embarrassed him. Give her a high level of attention, commitment, generosity, love and affection, she will sure come around with time.

3. Take Every ‘NO’ as a Challenge to Strive More

Just to lay emphasis on the above mentioned, women like to say no first, even when they like you. This is because they don’t want to appear cheap, aside wanting to know if you are serious. The moment you start relenting, she takes you as an unserious fellow.

4. Give Her What She Loves

Only a few Nigerian ladies will reject a gift from a guy who’s made his intentions clear. A higher percentage of ladies will start considering you when you buy things for her.

Find out what she loves, in the colours and style and sweep her off the ground with those things. You don’t have to break the bank in the process, keep it simple. After all, it’s not about the gift, it’s about the motive behind it.

5. Call Her By a Unique Pet Name

Say no to the regular ‘Sweetheart,’ ‘honey,’ ‘baby,’ etc. Create a name that only both of you can trace the origin. The pet name should resonate with her personality. If she is delicate, caring and emotional you can have the name of a flower as her pet name showcasing her fragility, or any other name that would make her feel special.

6.  Surprise Her, Ladies Love it

Ladies love surprise

A little surprise won’t hurt. In order to pull this off brilliantly, you need to be very sensitive as to when and what you should surprise her with.

Don’t make the mistake of buying her flowers, Naija girls don’t appreciate such gifts. Neither should you buy her perfumes and gifts on a day that is meant to be her dead grandfather’s memorial. Her response might turn you off.

7. Flirt With Her

Once in a while, feel free to talk dirty with the girl you intend to date. Know what’s trending in the love scene and let her know that you know ‘What’s up’. Leave phone s*x out of this as she is not yet yours. However, you can tell her all the sweet nonsense while expressing your love for her.

8. Call, Text At least Twice Every day

Keep in touch or she will delete your number! Just kidding though, but no matter how busy you are, Nigerian ladies expect you to create time for them. Try to call and text as often as you can.

If there’s a tendency that you might forget to, schedule a call reminder on your phone. However, if you notice that she is not excited about hearing from you, then you might have been boring her. Re-strategize!

9. Make Friends With Her Best Friend

Try to get close to her friends and siblings if possible. If she realises that you like the same people she loves and that they approve of you too, then your work is half done. If the mutual friend is someone she respects, this would add to your ‘CV’ and speed up the whole process.

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10. Be the Man She Would Fall For

Finally, to crown all of these long-tasking efforts on how to get your dream girl, you need to be her ‘dream man’ as well. That is the only way she would fall for you.

Many Nigerian ladies expect the men they meet to be that perfect man who every lady would want to crush on. In looks, finance, articulation and all what may, you need to be on point and in line with her preference.

I hope you picked a thing or two from this article. All the best in your chase!


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