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For Men: 8 Tips On How To Have Se x With A Virgin [MUST READ]



Tip #1: Make Her Laugh

If a woman feels anxious about making love, the best way to relax her is to make her laugh. Say something funny, have a silly pillow fight or you can tickle her until she’s laughing uncontrollably. A relaxed woman is se xually more responsive.

Tip #2: Dim Lights

Many women, especially the sexually inexperienced, are self-conscious about their na ked bodies. Find out if she will be more comfortable with the lights off or with a dim light. The soft glow of candle can be a sensuous option too.

Tip #3: More Foreplay

A virgin is not like your regular girl and so a quickie is a no! no!! for her, you need to take time to prepare her. All the techniques to arouse a woman become more important when the woman is sexu ally inexperienced. Give her more caressing, more kissing, more nibbling than you usually would. Don’t forget lots of gentle clitoral stimulation.

Tip #4: Understand Her Fears

The normal muscle tension in the face or body just before orgasm can cause peculiar fears in some inexperienced women. She may fear that she appears physically unattractive or she may fear losing control of her bladder or bowels and that it may cause her partner to ridicule her. These fears may delay or prevent her from achieving an orgasm. She may come close to orgasm but then tense up suddenly and lose the feeling. A woman who doesn’t completely trust her partner is more vulnerable to such fears and this is normal with virgins and so understand her fears and take time to go through with her. Let her understand, whatever she’s going through for the first time is normal.

Tip #5: Breaking The Hymen

If the girl has her hymen intact, it’s best broken with one quick thrust of the pen is, like pricking a balloon with a needle, rather than prolonged pressing against it which she might find painful.

NB: Lack of a hymen does not indicate lack of virg inity, so if she tells you she’s a virgin and you don’t see a hymen, don’t panic. These days, many women break their hymen long before they have se x, either because of a tampon insertion or while performing vigorous activities such as bicycle riding. You should know that, some women are also born without a hymen.

Tip #6: Suggested Se x Position

Se xually inexperienced women are sometimes anxious about the thought of a pen is penet rating her, she must have probably heard about the pain it brings. The most suitable s ex position to relieve her of such anxiety is one which puts her in control and lets her decide when penet ration should happen and also the depth and speed of thrusting. All woman-on-top positions gives her this kind of control. Don’t hesitate to use lubricants liberally.

Tip #7: Reassure Her

Even if you do everything right, she may still be too anxious to experience an org asm. Assure her that a woman often cannot experience orgasm the first time she has sex. In fact, it can take several times for a woman to feel comfortable enough with se x to experience an or gasm.

Tip #8: Have Realistic Expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations of your wedding night. After the stress of the wedding ceremonies and celebrations, it is natural for newly weds to not feel ‘s exy’. Sometimes it’s a good idea to just kiss, cuddle and rest. Interc ourse can wait until you’re both rested and relaxed.


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