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Former EPL Ref, Mike Dean takes World Cup Referee to the Toilet

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Mike Dean may have received his fair share of criticisms from aggrieved premier league fans, but for the Qatar World Cup fixture between Portugal and Ghana, the Englishman is the one with the grievance over one key decision in the game that turned the tides in Portugal’s favor.

It was moments into the second half of the game when a cross into the Ghanaian penalty box was met by Cristiano Ronaldo rushing on goal, but was tackled off by a Ghana defender only for it to be adjudged a penalty by the Referee who was on hand to officiate the game.

Speaking on the decision, former Premier League official Mike Dean stated it was “frightening” that VAR did not intervene in Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty against Ghana.

Former EPL Ref, Mike Dean takes World Cup Referee to the Toilet

In their opening game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Portugal overcame Ghana 3-2 on Thursday night.

After Mohammed Salisu was called for a “foul,” Ronaldo scored from the penalty spot.

Many fans criticized the official’s ruling, believing Salisu had the ball and Ronaldo had a simple fall.

Dean, who was reviewing the event for beIN Sports, claimed that the VAR’s decision to give Ronald a penalty was entirely incorrect.

“The defender clearly plays the ball,” Dean said. “Ronaldo then touches the back of the defender, goes down, instigated contact.

“It’s not the referee’s fault – he’s given the decision on the field of play. The VAR, in my opinion, should have got involved and invited the referee over to have a look at it.”

He added:

“It’s scary, I have to say. I am just astounded. I like to back referees all the time, but you can’t support stuff like that. You can’t defend the indefensible.

“100 per cent it’s wrong.”

The referee on the night by some quarters of the Ghanaian fan base have been labeled racist due in part to his role in the 3-2 defeat against the European side.

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