#FREEFIDEL: Twitter Users embark on online protest to demand justice arrested UCC student

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There have been a few intense protest which have sparked a trend on social media platform, Twitter. As the #ENDSARS protest solidifies and speaks loudly against police brutality in Nigeria, students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) have also taken to Twitter to express their grievances and demand for justice for their fellow student.

Ghana Twitter has been packed with #FREEFIDEL hashtags which has raked in over 10 thousand tweets.

According to sources, Fidel happens to be a blogger and a student of UCC who wrote about several criminal cases going on in the school since students were asked to return to the institution to complete the semester.

Sources claim that, the police have denied the happenings of all criminal cases, and also the school authorities are not also helping the students to prove their point. Therefore, the student-blogger has been arrested by the police for defaming the school and forming false claims against the school.

People took to Twitter to express their displeasure against the situation.

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