These antiperspirants on the market are extremely harmful for your body as they inject toxins such as aluminium into your sweat glands and interfere with your natural process of sweating. Outside of that these chemically rich deodorants are also linked to reproductive damage, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

What can you use then to prevent armpit odour that is natural and skin-friendly? We suggest one ingredient that is available aplenty in every kitchen and fights armpit odour naturally while keeping your body healthy and bacteria-free. It is embarrassingly easy and you are never going to buy a deodorant again.

All you need is a lemon

Take a ripe lemon and slice it into two. Rub a slice into each of your armpit thoroughly. Before putting on any clothes allow the armpits to dry completely. It will only take a couple of minutes. Unlike some deodorants the lime juice prevents staining of clothes.

lemon for armpit odour

The citric acid in the lemon makes your underarms smell fresh for long hours and checks bacteria growth. The antibacterial agent in lemon fights off the fungi and bacteria that try to enter into your body through the armpits. The lemon slices can be re-used a few more times, for this you need to store them in an airtight jar.

This is the most natural way to prevent armpit odour, and smell great without wasting money on fancy antiperspirants. Just one ingredient, magical benefits.


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