We know mummies can get stuck. For that reason we got you!

Braids for adults and kids are practically the same. Same routine, same results. That is why it’s difficult at times to get the little ones to settle down to get new hairstyles. Before you opt for the last resort (easy hairstyles), we have you have a little trick for you to try out on your little ones.

The trick to get little ones to settle down to get new hairstyles just like adults is to add ‘the child effect“. It is as simple as choosing playful hairstyles and child friendly accessories. Just that? Yes just that!



Showing them the all of the playful hair designs you intend for them to make gets them hyped up about getting their hair done. They end up cooperating because they need for their friends to see their stunning styles.



Colourful and child friendly accessories also go a long way just for the child that doesn’t care about the plain hair choices you have for her.


Those are our tips. Who would have thought? We hope they are helpful in getting your mini-me to agree to the hair choices you have for her!

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