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Game Of Thrones Season Finale Will Premiere Next April!ZUMI

We have a release date for Game Of Thrones season finale, and it’s not too far into the new year!

After pushing back Game of Thrones season finale by one whole year, HBO has finally announced the premiere date, and we are already counting down the days. In the penultimate season, the Night King was ready for war, killing and resurrecting Viserion, one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons. At the end of the season, we also found out Jon Snow’s true lineage – the Targaryen bloodline.

Given the precarious state of things in the seven kingdoms, this final season will definitely be the show’s biggest one yet. HBO teased the season finale with a video containing shots of the events leading up to the finale. The teaser confirms that the show’s final six episodes will air in April 2019.

According to Bryan Cogman, one of the show’s co-producers, the highly-intense season finale will open with Daenerys preparing for war against the Night King’s army. Although we are yet to find out the specific releese date, we can only count the days until April 2019. Until then, watch the teaser below.







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