A gele (headgear) is one of the fashion accessories that makes a modern African woman outfit complete for that owambe. Gele as popularly called has become an art which many are using to make extra income. The process of tying the gele is a real workout for the arms from standing in the mirror to the twist and crisp. Nowadays, women do not want to go through that stress of tying their gele themselves because of the stress, they rather call some gele technician to go through the hustle for them and they pay for it.


As a Naija chick you need to know some basic steps on how to tie your gele. There are several types of gele, the aso oke, damask and the normal gele, and there are also different ways to tie the gele, the fan, the million pleat and others. The sizes of the gele determine how nice it would come out and the style it will give. Some people have argued the process of tying the gele from the back or front, the truth is our face shape determines how you will tie your gele, if you have a round face shape you should start your gele from the back and for those with other face shapes, its best to start from the front to get desired results.

You don’t need to pay anyone to tie your gele for you, for your next event, be a gele pro and earn extra income with this tutorial from the gele king.

CC: Ighogele



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