I have been reading all the silly posts and . berating Olori Wuraola of Ile Ife for her recent speech in the United States of America.

So check this out: you do not agree with the Olori’s views that women should be women and men should be men?

You want to be a man?

Also the speech by Olori Wuraola was much more than what I have seen posted or shared…

For instance she talked about how much more powerful the woman is…but she thinks not by competing with the man….the Olori said: “Stay In your Lane…and spoke of how the most powerful man would tremble at the sight of his mother…a woman…so what exactly are you cursing her out for”.

This is the problem with Nigerians…the minute someone has a contrary view, you begin to disrespect them.

Are you God?

I believe that all that feminism stuff is bull shit if you can’t tolerate another females contrary opinion.

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You ask for freedom to defy centuries of patriarchy but yet want to deny that same freedom to others who refuse to think like you.

Makes no sense at all.

Some say she should have done research? Why? Was she there to tell lies? Or give her candid opinion?

********I have a short clip now you can watch to hear a bit more of what she said.

Sola Kuti (SK) is a new age politician, a serial entrepreneur and social justice crusader with a passion for children. He has been a member of the PDP for 12 years. Connect with him on .

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