1. Be A Man: Of course the most ideal thing is to wait until you guys are in love so the trust is there and you won’t feel the need to doubt her fidelity. But that’s just romantic in me talking. So I would have to say, have the conversation before you guys are hot and heavy. Try to make it sound like you were thinking of HER – tell her you realize this day and age, there are plenty of people who have s’εx without protection and you just wanted to reassure her that you are 100% clean..

2. The Wise Person Always Protects Himself! I had a friend who had a friend that had herpes. She was set up with a guy who never knew she had herpes until AFTER they slept together. Her reasoning was she thought he wouldn’t like her if she had herpes. I never found out if he had it or not, but I couldn’t get over that type of casual betrayal. Her insecurity was more important than his health.

3. Understand Her Psychology: This is something I had to think of for a while, myself. How could a man ask without offending a woman? Of course her first reaction would be anger that he was implying she slept around without protection. But then I think about the poor guy who could have herpes because he never thought to ask. Approach her with love!

4. Confirm Your Status to Her: Just tell her that you’re the “safe guy” and you’d want both of you to get tested just to be safe, be straight out it doesn’t imply that you think she’s dirty you just want to be sure you guys are clean . It is no big deal for the both of you to get with the results.

5. S’εx Life is Part of Your Future: Well, if you think s’εx is somewhere you’re heading, and then tell her you need to have a serious conversation. S’εx is a huge responsibility, and you both need to be safe.

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