‘Get Divorced If It’s Not Working’ – Blessing Okoro

Nigerian relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has advised couples to divorce if their marriages are not working.

The relationship expert who is a divorcee made this known in a recent post she made on her verified social media handle on Instagram.

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. she made reads;

“Divorce if it’s not working .
Life can offer u better chances . Na this same useless set of people go tell u RIP . Society are useless set of people who want to force their opinions into ur life. If u want to test how useless they are, turn the table to their family members, then u see that they know what they are doing . Make ur decision and stand by it …
Ask them the meaning of marriage bunch of fools don’t even know them just hear marriage begin run mouth.”

In another post, the relationship coach stated that it is the society that has made people believe that marriage is life.

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According to her, it is a big fat lie adding that many people will even do better outside marriage. . she made reads;

“It is society that make u believe that marriage is ur life . Big fat lie . Many of u will even do better outside marriage.
Choke on this reality .
Marriage is many people’s bondage .
I said what I said .”

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