What women wouldn’t like to plan a family and give birth to a healthy baby. Most prefer to have their own two children to complete the family. But it has often been observed that women have great trouble to go through child birth second time over, many end up with lots of complications especially if they have had a C-Section delivery. What if you could plan your family and in one shot give birth to twin babies, who have similar traits and get similar care and affection, and most importantly, saves you the trouble of going through another pregnancy. The chances of naturally conceiving twins is 1 out of 89.

But, what’s the harm in looking at these ten absolutely brilliant ways to conceive twin babies rather quickly?

1. Do you have a family history of twins?

Those with a family history of lookalikes are likely to give birth to twins themselves. Blame those genes.


2. The role of age in conceiving twins

Statistically speaking, older women have greater chance of getting pregnant with twins than their younger counterparts. But once your bio clock starts ticking don’t wait too long to have a baby as it can lead to complications later.


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3. Take more folic acid supplements

A research in Australia showed that women who have been consuming folic acid supplements regularly prior to their pregnancy have a heightened probability of conceiving twins. The study said your chances to giving birth to twins goes up by 40% if you have been taking folic acid supplements.


4. Have a healthy dose of dairy products to conceive twins

It is believed that a healthy intake of dairy products during pregnancy enhances your chance by 5 times of conceiving twin babies.


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5. A lot depends on where you come from

It has been observed that African-American women have a greater chance of conceiving twins, while Asian and Caucasian ones have a slimmed down chance of getting pregnant with twins.


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6. Birth control pills can help you conceive twins

A pregnancy that comes after prolonged use of birth control pills and then suddenly stopping, often ends up producing twins. If you have been taking birth control pills for about six months, there is a great chance that post going off the pills when you try to conceive you might get pregnant with twins.


7. Your body weight also decides whether or not you will have twins

The result of study found that women with Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 and higher are more likely to conceive twins.


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8. If you have a big family in mind

Women you intend to raise a big family, and have been pregnant several times before, also are likely to get pregnant with twins.


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9. Mothers who breastfeed also are susceptible to give birth to twins

A study found that women who have breastfed their child have nine times higher likelihood of giving birth to twins as opposed to those who don’t.


10. Eating wild yams can help you conceive twins

Did you know that Nigerians produce the highest number of twins in the world? If you don’t mind copying their staple diet which is cassava root or wild yams, you too stand a chance of getting pregnant with twins. The yams are believed to activate the ovaries into releasing more than one egg in an ovulating woman.


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So, are you ready to try for twin babies?



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