Get used to it or get the f**k out of my page

Get used to it or get the f**k out of my page - Tonto Dikeh replies people who tell her she is too

Actress Tonto Dikeh has responded to people who take to her comment section on Instagram to criticize her for posting items they deem ungodly.


Some of her followers believe that as one who describes herself as a ”Radical for Jesus”, she shouldn’t be sharing certain things on her page.


Responding to this class of people, Tonto in a video posted on her Instagram page this afternoon, said;


”I have been getting messages of what I am supposed to be posting and what I am not supposed to be posting. The truth is…someone said I am too Godly for this kind of post and I actually believe that and the same thing I told God that I was too Godly for all the bullshit that he let happen to me.

I am in a phase in my life where I don’t give a F**k and that is not because I am hurting. I just want to live. So whatever is going to bring me money apart from me selling my body, I will do it. So get used to it or get the F**k out of my page”


Watch the video she shared below…



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