Unannounced guests are something every person has coped with once or twice. Well, what happens when that door bell rings, and you find yourself in a pickle because you would need something light, and yet creamy to serve? Stop right >, the search is over.

In addition we will present you with a light desert, comprised of only three ingredients, which will make your mouth watery.

Japanese Cheesecake Recipe

It is a Japanese cheesecake. You will be amazed of how good it tastes and it will present as a delightful surprise to everybody.

As we said, it will only take three ingredients and about an hour to prepare this delicious cake. You will need three eggs, 120 grams of unsalted cream cheese and 120 grams white chocolate.

How to prepare it – separate the egg whites from the yolks. Leave the egg whites in the fridge for a while. Take a bowl of hot water, and in another, smaller bowl on top of it, melt the white chocolate until smooth

Then take the white chocolate off the steam and add the cream cheese. Mix until you get an even texture. Then add the egg yolks and mix again.

Afterwards, first you have to preheat the oven to 170 degrees, and then take the egg whites from the fridge. Whisk them until you get a firm snow.

Divide it into thirds, and add a third to the batter, then mix again. Do the exact same with the other two thirds.

Your oven should be heated by now, so put some oil in the baking pan and pour the mixture in. Lift it and drop it a couple of times for the air bubbles to come out.

Then, put the pan with the mixture in a bigger pan, and fill the surface around the batter pan with hot water.

And now, we bake – first, 15 minutes to 170 degrees, then another 15 minutes to 160 degrees, and then another 15 minutes, but this time with the oven turned off.

Just let the cake bake itself with what’s left of the heat in the oven. Note that the cheesecake’s surface shoud not be broken.

When you have taken it out of the oven, leave it to cool off completely. Then, sprinkle some powdered sugar on it by choice, and it is ready to serve. Delicious, isn’t it?


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