Ghana Braids/Cornrows – Protective Style On Natural Hair

Ghana Braids On My Natural Hair.

Big Braids $10 each and Small Braids are $5.
I purchased the hair at local beauty supply store for $8 each

If you are based in Houston or Dallas.

Contact Details: Stephanie
IG @myaphehair
214- 267-9593

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How long have you been Natural?
4 years going on to 5th year, relaxer free and feel amazing!
20″ inches length. Ive trimmed my hair 4 times since my last relaxer and dusted my hair 4 times a year for 4 years now. Dusting works really well for me, I do not need to trim more than once a year because of it.

Where do you live?
Most times of the year, I live in South Africa, North-West Province & Houston, Texas and (due to work) . However, I go to Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, and Ghana throughout the year for family and business purposes. (I will try and vlog, If circumstances allow me to)

What do you do?
I am a Somatologist (Specialised in Skin Electrolysis Therapy) and an Entrepreneur. I also do youtube videos on my free time (When my schedule allows me to.)

Where are you from? Cote D’Ivoire – Ivorian (Born)
Mother: Ghanian/Ivorian Father: Malian/Senegal-Mauritanian

What languages do you speak or understand?
7 to 8 languages. Bambara, Ivorian Achyem(attie), Fulani, Setwana, Zulu, Wolof, Tuareg, Darija….Then English and French.

Are you mixed race? Biracial?

What is your ethnicity?
I am African of Akan (Maternal), Fulani & Touareg (Paternal)

Editing Software: Imovie or FinalCut Pro
Camera: Sony A5100 & Canon T4i (50mm Lens) & Iphone 6s
Pic Editing: Composure and Fotor

Other Items in the Video:
Mac Book Pro:
Editing software: FinalCut

Piercing (Septum rings):


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Music: Hot n Ready (J-Louis ft OriJanus)

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