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GIRLS, Here Are 5 Types Of Girlfriends You Need To Drop Immediately!!



Cultivating friendships is part of life. We all form strong friendships that make our lives healthier and happier. However, some friendships may be more harmful than they are helpful.

They say if you are not losing friends, then you are not growing up. As you become older and wiser, you change and sometimes find that you are not compatible with some people you have been friends with for years. You are also able to distinguish between true friends and toxic riffraff.

It is imperative that you start to cut out some people from your life when you feel that their friendships no longer serves you or makes you happy. The following are some people whose friendships you need to terminate with immediate effect.

The cynic

She never has anything positive to say. She is always raining on your parade. She never likes any of your outfits. She doesn’t like your boyfriend. She thinks your new job is a bore. She is always quick to point out your flaws. It is always relentless criticism with her. She never acknowledges any success in your life and she doesn’t celebrate with you when something good happens. This person is not your friend. She is excess fat you need to cut off. You don’t need her kind of negative energy in your life.

The leech

This friend is always cash strapped. She expects you to pay for drinks and food every time because she is always broke. She unashamedly mooches off you constantly and has no apologies to make for it. She is always borrowing money from you and never pays back. It doesn’t matter how long you have been friends, she needs to be dropped like a bad habit.

The perennial reveller

She is always the life of the party. Your friendship revolves around going out and getting drunk. You never get together to do anything else other than party and drink. She will taunt you and mock you and say you are no fun if for some reason you are not feeling up to some wild partying when she calls. She doesn’t understand that you have other priorities in life.

The Flake

This person is always making plans and cancelling them at the very last minute for ridiculous reasons. You can never count on her to show up when you have something going on. She always stands you up and rarely apologises for it. Nobody likes sitting alone in a restaurant waiting for someone who wont show up. Throw her out with the bath water.

The narcissist

She always wants to talk about herself and her problems. She will quickly change the topic when you try to bring up something about you. She doesn’t want to hear about your break-up or about your mean boss. She doesn’t care about anyone else except herself. Good riddance.

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