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Gistlover Allegations : Nigerians Come After E-Money

Nigerians have reacted to the alleged connection of billionaire, Emeka Okonkwo a.k.a E-Money to Bola Ahmed Tinubu .

You would recall that Naija News NG reported the allegations an Instagram blogger, Gistlover , made on the above mentioned characters.

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In the second instalment of the alleged story of Amoda Ogunlere as Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Gistlover dropped the name of Emeka Okonkwo a.k.a E-Money .

Since then, Nigerian tongues have been wagging all over social media . Read some of the comments below :

Deji-Tobi?? @DejiOluwatobi
E-Money can support Tinubu, I care not. He doesn’t feed me or my family. He’s a billionaire & can afford get he wants. His comfortability may dissuade him from aligning with the masses,no qualms. His choice is his alone, but one thing is certain, light will prevail. PO will win? . he can afford whatever he wants.

Enugufesslady???? @alyrihtah
When the full gist about E-Money and his connection with Amoda Ogunlere (Tinubu) finally drops you will know Igbo’s don’t protect their own if he/she is bad

jhay_knight??? @Knight46184139
We all have that friend that never believes in e-money no matter how you convince them…

Beyond Greatness @dinmaaa1
It’s the way many people are surprised about E-Money main source of Money for me?

The only shocking things for me is the fact that he’s Tinubu’s boy.


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