The new week was ushered in with a very heavy downpour and that only means this week will be full of rainy days and i know it wouldn’t stop our shine. As per usual, we bring you aso ebi styles that reigned this past weekend, as we are entering into the muslim festive mood which we will be needing gorgeous styles to slay in for many events coming up and that is why we are here. The aso ebi styles that trended last week was so glamorous that i was thrilled to attend a wedding or event, though i attended a party this past week.

The aso ebi styles have made us understand that our fashion designers are not sleeping at all and are always on the move without repetition of styles, they have made lot of new styles that has trended and are still making others everyday. Our innovative designers have have even used the instagram to showcase their styles and that made most designers that were sleeping to upp their game so they are not left behind in the aso ebi world. Some of our celebrities slayed in aso ebi styles this past weekend and we bring them to you to inspire you on how to slay for your next wedding or the muslim festival that is approaching. Scroll through and be inspired;





Just as the title implies this styles are full of glitz and glamour, it does not require only the styles but also the fabrics. Choosing a fabric for your aso ebi, must be bright anf beautiful colors to bring out the best of the styles.

Which of this aso ebi styles do you like the most? Share with us below in the comment section.

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