God Blesses Men Who Groomed You So Nice

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God Blesses Men Who Groomed You So Nice

Micheal A. Adeniyi, the publisher lf instabuzzonline made a Facebook image post with the caption “God Blesses The Men Who Groomed You So Nice, My New Found Love, YUMMY!” and . has generated enough comments as people have decided to coin different meaning to the caption.

The blogger’s caption generated both backlash and praise. Many people agreed that the bread was groomed well, it looked nice, take away and eatable and that the sight can bring back a lost appetite. But many would not agree to that. Few individuals said it was a crytic message owning to the shape of the said bread, they accused him of promoting immorality and that the message was to mean something else and not about the bread in question.

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There have been mixed reaction among people about why he would use “men” instead of women, he replied: “Jesus used fishers of MEN” because we are all men. He also cleared the air about the various interpretation by saying he was only praising the bakers.

What do you think? Do you agree with him?

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