Golden Brown

For bright colors without going all the way blonde, you need golden brown. One of the many benefits of golden brown hair color is that you can achieve this color without bleaching. Even if you have very dark hair, you still won’t need bleach for this color unless you want a much lighter shade than your natural hair color.

layered brown hair with golden brown highlights

There are two types of golden brown hair color – light and dark. Dark golden brown hair color looks best on golden and olive skin tones. Light golden brown hair color looks best on warmer skin tones too. It is not suitable for cool skin tones. If your desire is to brighten dull hair, both light golden brown and dark golden brown shades will make your locks look more vibrant.

brown hair with golden blonde ends

Your golden tresses will shine in the sun and help to add life to your winter wardrobe. This shade of brown is also low maintenance, so if this is your first time getting hair color, this is a good place to start. Same as with other brown hair dye shades, golden browns feature light golden brown and dark golden brown. Both shades look best on those with warmer skin tones. These shades are considered medium shades also.

light golden brown hair with lowlights

In the examples of golden brown hair here, you can see that the hair has a golden tone, but it isn’t brassy. If you have a cooler skin tone, you can still wear this color but consider an ombre or maybe just highlights.

dark brown hair with light brown and blonde highlights



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