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Governor Wike gifts Burna Boy a land and money to build; says he’ll give every artiste who performed at the singer’s homecoming concert N10m each (video)



Jojo about 20 minutes ago

These people has money to waste oooh,the kind of money Nigerian have 2millions can go around to each of it citizens,this is na insults to poor people in port Harcourt,they mean they don’t have poor masses there unlike my state kogi state,the poorest in Nigerian,na my brothers na dem full police,soliders and na Dem dey do security job for lagos,the worse part my state governor supposed to be first youngest governor in Nigerian but his ideas and thinking is the same as the head of Nigerian which is to continue cheating and stealing from the masses,No good roads,no basic healthcare services for their citizens,what a shame to humanity,burna boy will just use that 10millions to buy one small engagement diamond ring and give his girl even timaya wey stingy die dey there,these people don’t put poor people in their plans ooooooooooh 😪😪😪


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