Self acclaimed goddess beautician and YouTuber Grety Riverson has revealed the one thing she did that has changed her life forever, and it is as simple as letting people do the talking.
The business mogul, in an Instagram post, noted that she used to be a talker but she stopped and instead, became a good listener.Letting People Talk Changed My Life - Grety Riverson
She noted that the lesson she learnt from the whole situation is that when one is the talker, one keeps repeating what one knows already but listening to others helps one learn something new and to realise who is worth ones time or not.
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“I stopped being a TALKER, But a Good LISTENER & That CHANGED my whole LIFE.
MORAL LESSON: When you Talk, you’re only repeating what you already know, but when you LISTEN you’re actually learning something new. At the moment I know who is worthy of my time & who is not, just by Letting people talk & I LISTEN. That’s smart! Be like me TALKATIVE 👍”, Grety Riverson wrote.
When you talk, you repeat what you know, when people talk, you learn
Photos Credit: Instagram/Grety Riverson

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