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Grow Longer And Stronger Nails With These Easy Tips – ZUMI

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Our nails are one body part that people – like it or not– really take note of, this would explain why we spend a lot of time and even money getting manicures done, fixing pretty nails and painting them in attractive colours.

Girl, imagine having to show off a new ring- engagement or not with ugly looking nails. The horror!

But, you can’t always have faux nails fixed, your natural fingernails need to be healthy, good looking and on fleek as well. We have some beauty tips that will help you grow longer and stronger fingernails- for the culture!

1. Not all nail hardener works

(Photo: Planet Nail Australia)

Not all nail hardeners are formulated with safe ingredients so don’t assume using nail hardeners all the time will keep your nails strong. Some may contain Formaldehyde which will initially harden the nail, but with time, the nail will become very brittle and could start lifting off of the nail bed. which is never pretty. Be sure to use safe nail hardeners.

2. Moisturize your hands
Healthy Nails

(Photo: Pinterest / Pacificabeauty)

You moisturize your face when you wash it to make the skin soft and healthy looking. Your hands are not any different. Moisturizing your hands regularly affect the general health and outlook of your nails. By moisturizing, you will be providing the right environment for your nails to grow longer and stronger. Your regular Vaseline is a great moisturizer. Also, make use of a cuticle moisturizer daily.

3. Always use a base coat


(Photo: Dazzle Dry)

Before you paint your nails, always apply a base coat to serve as a protective layer between the top layer of your fingernails, and the nail polish. It is essential to protect the health of your nail from the harsh chemicals that some nail polish are made of.

4. Eat right
foods that keep your vagina healthy

(Photo: Superfoods RX)

You will find that eating right solves a lot of problems, from beauty to health. For longer and healthier nails, eat food that is rich in Vit. A Vit.B, Vit.H, and Vit.C. Some of these include milk, oranges, bananas, eggs, yam, apples, avocado, leafy greens, potatoes, etc. When you stick to a healthy and balanced diet, even your nails will thank you for it.

5. Use coconut oil
coconut oil

(Mom Junction)

Coconut oil is a magic potion, and once again, it has found usefulness here. It has all the ingredients that improve the health of the nail and skin around the nail, provides the nail with natural shine, nourishment and moisture. Every night before you go to bed, massage your nails with warm coconut oil to improve blood circulation to your fingernails, which ultimately enhances its growth.

You are welcome!

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