In my own opinion and experience in dating and others, I realised happiness is a key to a lasting relationship. I think the following is my own observation about it.

(1)Se x, this sounds funny but it’s real. Ladies are happy if you could satisfy them sexually though some pretend to hate it. simply put, they are happy when their men is good on bed. 

(2)Attention, ladies love to talk. over 90% of them spend their lives in talking. They love to talk virtually everything that comes their way.And so they are happy when they are with a man who is ready to hear and interact with them.

(3)love, ladies national anthem is love. ladies feel happy when you love them.They are very proud of you especially when you fight for them. They are also happy when you care for them.

(4)Money, most ladies (99%) happiness is tied to money. Some may lie and disagree with me but its true.I know of broken relationship today due to lack of lavish spending from the guy. The way some ladies will look at you self you will want to hang yourself because of money. In fact, money and ladies are one coin with two sides.

My question again, what makes lady happy in a relationship? I still see a girl who’s not happy even with the above list. 


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