Girls aren’t the only ones who need to take care of their skin, you know—and if your girl ever complains about beard-burn or chapped lips, you know that. You don’t have to get into manscaping or guyliner or anything, but you should start taking care of your skin. Don’t worry, though—those chocolate masks and seaweed wraps are completely optional.

Wear sunscreen: Sunscreen is seriously important in anyone’s skincare routine. Nothing will make you look older than sun damage. You might think that weathered skin will make you look distinguished and give you character. It doesn’t take much to rub in some sunscreen before you head out for the day. If you’re going to spend time on the beach showing off the gun show or flashing your pecs, rub them down, as well. You’ll be thankful when you’re 50.

Moisturize: You can easily kill two birds with one product. Don’t start thinking that dude-friendly skincare means a bathroom filled with pastel bottles, serums and potions. Just look for a moisturizer with a decent SPF, like 25 or 30. You should make moisturizing a part of your everyday routine. If you’ve got oily skin, look for something light; get something a little denser if your skin’s really dry. If you know your skin type, that’s even better because you can just look for specific, targeted products.

Take cold showers: Every guy in the world is familiar with cold showers. The truth is they’re beneficial in all kinds of situations. Namely, if your shower is too hot, you’ll dry out your skin even worse. You don’t have to shower in icy cold water, but keep it lukewarm for the best results. Moderate water temperatures even make your hair look better, so you get a two-for. The one exception to this rule is the occasional steamy shower—you know, so you don’t have to go to the spa or something.

Make cleansing part of your routine: Even though you don’t wear makeup, your skin still gets dirty. At the end of the day, your skin is a mess of sweat, oily sebum, dead skin cells, and all kinds of disgusting debris. That’s harsh, but true. A simple face wash will take care of that whole mess. Just wash your face every night before you brush your teeth and tuck yourself into bed. Don’t use regular soap, though, unless you want dry, scaly skin. By the way, you don’t.

Tone your skin before your abs: Toning is important too. If you spend any amount of time at the gym, you know that already. But while you’re toning your abs and your legs, don’t forget about your skin. Keeping your pores clean is crucial. Using a cleansing face wash helps, but sometimes you need something stronger. Stay away from anything too astringent because that will just irritate your skin even more. Stick to something moderate—not too gentle but not too strong.

Start a better shaving routine: Because you spend so much time shaving, you know how important it is to put together a routine that’s good for your skin. It doesn’t matter if you’re clean-shaven, sculpting a goatee, or working that carefully unkempt scruffy look. You still spend time cleaning up the fuzz. So, stop shaving dry. Even if you use an electric razor, you need some sort of prepping serum. Use a good lather or shaving scream, and try cleansing before you shave. Choose your razor carefully as well: Never use anything dull or rusty. Experiment to see if your skin reacts better to disposable razors, straight razors or electric ones. Shave with the grain, not against it. And try shaving in the shower to save time and prep your skin.

Take extra time to exfoliate: Yes, okay, the occasional exfoliation treatment is pretty important. You’ll be fine if you just do it every once in a while—say weekly, or even twice a month. Basically you just want to make sure you get rid of all the debris and buildup that you miss with your regular cleansing and toning routine. Just FYI, exfoliating before you shave will allow you to get a closer, smoother shave, so think about that while you’re managing the upkeep.

Skip the scent: You might feel tempted to use scented shaving lotions or slap on some aftershave when you get done grooming. Your partner may even ask you to, who knows? The truth is that you’re doing damage to your skin when you use heavy scents after an intense cleansing session. If you hate aftershave, there’s your excuse. Throwing on a little cologne is fine, but give your skin time to recuperate from shaving or exfoliating first. That way you won’t have to deal with any stinging pain or those nasty little bumps.

Avoid acne like the plague: Even if you have acne prone skin, there are several ways to avoid it. For starters, the cleansing, toning, and exfoliation will help. Make sure that any sunscreens or moisturizers you use don’t rely heavily on oil. It’s not true that you have to stay away from certain types of foods, but you shouldn’t have too much sugar or greasy snacks. Drink plenty of water every day and, if your skin calls for it, look for products designed to fight acne. Just make sure they aren’t filled with chemicals that will actually make the condition worse.

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