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GUYS!! How To Know A Lady Is A Good Keeper. TOP CHARACTERISTICS



1. She’s not perfect. She’s just perfect for you.

2. She isn’t going to tear you down.
She builds you up, and she helps to mold your confidence by encouraging you when you feel defeated.

3. She accepts you as you are and doesn’t try to change you by telling you who your friends should be, how you should dress, how often you should go to the gym, and what to eat. She loves you for you.

4. She is your cheerleader, supporting your decisions and standing behind them, cheering you on.

5. She gives you your space and won’t control your time.
She encourages you to follow your passions without making you feel guilty.


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6. She makes you comfortable.
You can be goofy and funny around her.

7. She knows how to communicate.
She is open and easy to talk to, which makes it easy for you both to resolve conflicts.

8. You admire her.
You see her in ways that she doesn’t see herself. You could get lost in her actions and personality.

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