Guys, How You Can Make A Girl Chase You.

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Guys, How You Can Make A Girl Chase You.

Making a girl chase you is simple but less people know of this technique. A lot of guys out there are been turned down by girls not because they are not handsome or good looking enough. Myself, before discovering “how to make a girl chase you rule”, about more than six girls had already turned me down. Sometimes, I question how that was possible because, I am a nice looking guy as well.

However, you are fortunate to read this article because, it is going to teach you the number one rule of making girls chase you instead of you chasing them. Yes, I mean making girls chase you! Are you ready? Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Whenever you spot that nice looking girl somewhere. Firstly, your intuition will get it right and ask you to go and get her. Then without much delay, you get closer and approach her. Luckily for you, you will get her attention and that will make way for communication to proceed. Hey, this is where you apply the number rule of making a girl chase you.

When you are chatting or texting her, behave as if you don’t necessarily need her. In this case, you don’t behave as if you need her badly though in your mind, you like her. Just don’t overdo it! When most guys are chatting ladies, they appear to be needy. They over text(sending more messages) and try to impress the ladies. Ladies don’t love such guys easily! When you do that, you become less superior in the face of the lady. However, ladies also like guys who are superior!

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In view of this, chat with the lady, tell her your intentions but, behave as if you are ok without her. Never beg her to accept you. When she realizes you are not a needy guy, she will want to be with you and consequently chase you. However, not being a needy guy doesn’t mean you should cut the communication with her. Chat with her, in your conversations, flirt a bit but not in a needy manner.

Girls are going to chase you with this simple rule. Thanks. Please like and follow me for more of this.

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