One of the biggest turn off for a guy is to find out that the girl you have been chasing for the longest time is very poor in bed. When a man makes a move to a girl its because he sees you attractive enough, but many a times men fail to be keen enough of the most crucial early signs of perfection in bed.

Men here are seven key factors to consider before you make that last move;

1.She’s a great kisser – The way a woman kisses is basically a preview to the way she will behave in bed. So, if the woman you’re dating begins running her hands over your body as she kisses you while gently biting your lip, pressing herself into you and creating se xual anticipation, chances are she’s going to be a great lover.

2. She is confident and comfortable within herself – If the woman you’re dating offers flirtatious or coy looks and has chosen to reveal some of her body by wearing a low cut dress, a tight skirt or is showing off her legs around you, she is happy about her appearance and has a healthy amount of self-worth. If a woman is confident about her body, chances are she’ll be great in bed and will actually let you see her na ked with the lights on. 

3. She enjoys the taste of food – Another trait that can translate exceptionally well to the bedroom is how a woman eats. If she puts food in her mouth sensually, delights in her meals and takes the time to savor the flavors, she may have a deep appreciation for carn al pleasures. If she lingers over a meal, she may just take her time in bed as well.

4. She openly talks about se x – A woman who openly discusses what she likes/does in bed is probably good at se x and has the confidence to do what she wants in the bedroom. If she makes too many se xual references, however, she may be overcompensating, and could just be a tease.

5. She initiates touching on a regular basis – A great lover is one who values sensuality both in and out of the bedroom. So if you’re seeing a woman who is willing touch your hand, your face or your body without you making a similar movement first or initiates a game of footsie with you under the table on dates, she probably enjoys initiating physical contact. That’s a great sign that she both enjoys se x and is good at it because it shows that she will follow her instincts instead of repressing them.

6. She’s flexible and works out – Physical conditioning is fundamental to good se x and there are some aspects of se x that are like athletic contests; therefore, a flexible woman who is in good shape and involves herself in things like yoga or ballet will likely be able to exhibit more endurance in lovemaking. Furthermore, the ability to move her body in a flexible fashion allows for more possibilities in bed and can provide great thrills for both of you.

7. She’s a great dancer – A woman’s dancing prowess along with her rhythm can not only suggest her energy and creativity – it can give a hint to what she moves like in the bedroom. So, watch her moves on the dance floor and you’ll get a good idea of her skills between the sheets. 



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