Instagram has created a platform where thousands if not millions of photos and videos are posted everyday, if one is not careful he will spend his whole day looking at pictures and videos on Instagram of this fine ladies without doing any other thing for the day.

Today we are bringing you the hottest and curviest beauty on Instagram, She goes by the name Dominique Chinn. Does that ring a bell?

Dominique Chinn was born and raised in Houston TX USA, the second of three children. She grew up in a very strict Christian home raised by her single mother.

She caught the theater bug in high school with dreams of becoming an actress, she love acting and hold steadfast to the notion that with her determination and drive she will one day grace the silver screen.

At 14, she worked for a clothing store in the mall. She had several jobs between then and now, and she has her own real estate license, a gentlemen’s club co-owner in Houston called Platinum City, opened up a late night eating spot called Platinum Grill next door to Platinum City, and she’s pursuing her undergrad in business administration.


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