Habiba Bint-Abdallah Is The Gorgeous Ghanaian Muslimah Who Rocks Modest Fashion With Ease

The name Habiba Bint-Abdallah certainly rings a bell for a lot of muslimah’s especially in the year 2020 when she was the 2nd runner-up for Miss Malakia Ghana. The modest beauty shocked everyone and was a major source of inspiration for several muslimahs to bend the rule and come forward.

After big win the stunning beauty has done nothing but portray modest fashion in the most beautiful way. For this muslimah modesty and Islam deserve a place in fashion and she is doing everything that she can to change the narrative. She has found away to rock fashion pieces while introducing modest ideas to it.
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Habiba Bint-Abdallah constantly proves to us that muslimah fashion has no limits and can be worn to command attention in any room. For this modest stylista there is a lot pf beauty in simplicity and modesty and she shows us how to do it right.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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