Nigerian artist Mo Cheddah rocking full fringe

Nigerian artist Mo Cheddah rocking full fringe
Hairstyle of the Week: Bangs!
MUA Ms Theo rocking side bangs

Bangs can make you look instantly younger—but with all things, what looks good on one person might turn out to be a total disaster for you and regardless of how kickass your hair stylist might be.

When choosing bangs and fringes, there are some factors to consider: what parting suits you best, what lengths work for your face shape? etc

If you are looking to rock fringes this week, here’s what you need to know.

Square Face: Go for bangs that work to soften your hard edges of your face and fall  just below your brows. Let some forehead so ensure to keep the fringe light and not too full.

Heart-Shaped Face: Because your forehead is wider than jaw, go the layered side-fringe. This would help balance out your features.

Round Face: go for styles and bangs that work to create a lengthy illusion.

Triangular Face: Go for fringe styles that help hide the fact that your forehead is big like the side fringe.

Oval Face: pretty much any style would work for you



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