Just when you think this hairstyle is going out of style it comes back up revamped, the cornrows with weave is a popular hairstyle trend around the black community but it managed to make its way into mainstream hairstyle trend and it became a hairstyle that is used to make a statement, so now everybody who is anybody has at least carried this look.


This cornrows with weave is a gorgeous masterpiece , I say this because there is always something different and unique about the way each person styles theirs, Below you would find almost similar but unique cornrows with weave hairstyle, you can mimic yours with a twist.

This look is for those who like to spice up their appearance and with this cornrows with weave hairstyle you can try out all kinds of looks; Its absolutely amazing check it out:

1. Deep Waves With Side Cornrows is chic and attractive.



2. Using a Straight Weave With Side Cornrows, creates a side part look with a side cut illusion.


3. Frisky Waves With Cornrows is an amazing relaxed look.


4. Straight black weave with pink tone and cornrows with columns.

chanel iman

5. Curved rows on natural locks.


6. Single cornrow with a short curly weave.


7. Full length wavy side fringe with cornrows; such an amazing look on Taraji.


Get on the cornrows with weave bandwagon asap.