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If You Have A Half Moon On Your Palms, This Is What It Means About Your Marriage And Future



There is a lot that palmistry says about our personalities, our lives, our careers, our relationships. The deeper you delve into it, the more interesting and complex it gets. But palmistry can be quite intimidating for regular folks. You don’t have to always run to a professional for help, there are a couple of things you can figure out for yourself. Things like would you have a successful marriage, how would your love life turn out, among others.

Don’t believe us? It is actually quite simple.

You just need to be able to read the heart line, and you can know how your marriage and relationships will turn out. Great way to get popular among friends too, and who says it hurts to have an interesting hobby?

How to identify the Heart Line

The heart line is the one that starts from below your little finger and curves half way till the base of your middle finger. When you bring both your palms together, and join the heart lines of both, you will notice a half moon formation.

heartline marriage

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If you get a perfect half moon

You have a magnetic personality and are extremely strong-willed. Self-assertion is a way of life with you, and how much it matters for you to be loved! But of course you don’t go ballistic searching for a quick romance. You are usually level-headed and hence calmly come out of difficult situations. Also, those with the half moons have wonderful love life and marriages.


Image .: Indian Palm Reading

If you get one straight line on joining your palms

You are a very calm and timid person. You are not easily provoked. You love to handle situations rather amicably and without upsetting any party.


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If you get disjointed lines

Those with this kind of pattern love the company of older or lets say more mature people. They understand them very well, and its not surprising if they choose a life partner who is several years older than them. They also do not pay much attention to other people’s thoughts and opinion of them.


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So, do you get a half moon on joining your palms?

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