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Hamas Official Reveals Details Of Truce Agreement With Israel – Lifestyle Nigeria

Khalil al-Hayya, a senior Hamas leader said they are still waiting for Israel’s decision regarding a truce agreement on a ceasefire in Gaza and the exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

Al-Hayya said this on Tuesday evening in Beirut.

“We are still waiting for the response of the occupying forces with regard to the agreement on a humanitarian ceasefire,” said the Hamas official.

According to Hamas, the agreement provides for a five-day pause in fighting and the entry of hundreds of lorries with aid supplies into the Gaza Strip as well as the exchange of Hamas hostages for prisoners in Israel.

Israel has yet to agree to the deal, it said.

Hamas already sent its response to the “brothers” in Egypt and Qatar, who were now working on an agreement with “significant efforts,” he said.

There were now “decisive moments” ahead, he added.

In Egypt, government sources said on Tuesday evening, that there was also talk of a decisive phase.

After “tangible progress,” the talks are now “in the final phase,” according to officials in Cairo.



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