The reason why most people prefer homemade remedies for their skin care routine is because there are so many toxic ingredients in most of the creams, soap, cleanser and other skin care poducts that we use on our skin. I have researched and find out that lots of skin care products contains ingredients with the most potential risk like the preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners designed to keep the product stable for years. If you are eager to get informed about the harmful ingredients in your skin care products, as well as natural ones to look for instead, keep reading;




If you check most skin care products, most has paraben free on their label, but many do not know what they actually do. Parabens are used to preserve formulas and prevent mold, it also keeps the product stable for two to five years. The natural option for parabens is leuconostoc radish root ferment, it is a natural preservative, it guarantees a shelf life of at least 12 months and has non of the potential health risk.


This also has the same preservative qualities and often products with paraben free will just replace it with phenoxyethanol, it’s potential risk include allergies and nervous effects. The natural option for phenoxyethanol is Anise berry, it preserves the organic compounds in products and maintains the integrity and efficacy of formulas. It is best used in oil based products rather than emulsion.


Many brightening products contains this harsh bleaching ingredients which weakens skin. This ingredient can lead to cancer, organ system toxicity and respiratory tract irritation. The natural option for hydroquinone is Sea fern extract, it is a natural detoxifying and reduces the appearance of dark spot, it stimulates the skin’s natural process of eliminating melanin rather than bleaching it.


This ingredient is in the class of ingredients that can emulsify a formular and enhance the penetration of other ingredients into the skin. They are often contaminated with impurities like ethylene oxide and heavy metals. The natural option for polyethylene is Cetearyl olivate, it is fatty acids from olives, it gives this emulsifier deeply hydrating properties that helps to smooth skin and also gives the product it’s silky texture.


This helps to smooth skin and reduce the apearance of acne and wrinkles. The natural option is Rosehip oil and sea buckthorn, it is oils rich in vitamin A which provides the same skin smoothing effects as retinol but does not cause the drying, irritation ans sun sensitivity that comes with synthetic forms

If any of this toxic ingredients is contained in your skin care routine, discontinue because it is harmful to the health.

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