They are common mistakes that you might be making subconciously and you might have taken as a daily routine but despite all you are still having breakouts, you thought you knew what to do to acquire a clear and glowing skin but you are wondering why you still have breakouts despite all your proper skincare routine. Everyone wants a blemish free and glowing skin and we all know the basics of skincare, washing your face twice a day and using a cleanser but why are you still having breakouts? There are many mistakes lots of us make that is wrecking havoc on our skin and make us age quicker than we’d like. If you want an amazing skin stop making this harmful skincare mistakes;


  1. Most people showers with extremely hot water because it helps to calm down. Too hot water is not good for our skin because it breaks skin protective top layer thereby ensuring breakout of acne. Use lukewarm water for better results.
  2. There is a saying that too much of everything is not good. Exfoliating is important, and i attest to it, but there is exfoliating and over exfoliating. Exfoliating too much means you are removing too much of your skin’s top layer, eliminating barrier and exposing it to toxins in the air as well as sun damage. This will also stimulate ageing process.
  3. If you wash your face without cleaning your hands properly, you will be transfering all kind of dirt, oil and bacteria from your fingers to your skin. This can also be a reason you are having breakouts without knowing.
  4. You use cleaning brush and the same moisturizer all the time. Cleaning brushes are too harsh for our skin and the more you use it the more it damages it. Weather are subject to  change, and when they change so does your skin. When it is humid season apply little moisturizer and heavy one during dry weather because dry skin that is affected needs more hydration while your skin during humid needs less.
  5. You tugg your face instead of patting, for people with a very sensitive skin, it’s important you pat your skin dry instead of rubbing your face after rinsing it. Rubbing your skin with a towel can easily cause irritation.
  6. You don’t moisturize with SPF, its important to moisturize your face with product that has (sun protection factor) for best results.SFP helps to prevent your skin from getting damaged by the sun.
  7. You go to bed with makeup on and sleep on the wrong pillowcases. It’s odd that some people go to bed with their makeup on and sleep on the wrong pillowcase. Removing your makeup before bed should also be a priority and sleeping on a right type of pillowcase. Sleeping on a cotton one leads to breakdown in collagen which causes trauma for the skin. The best pillowcase to sleep on is silk or satin pillowcases.
  8. You don’t use products because they are expensive.

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