Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers To Receive $19m As Compensation New Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers To Receive $19m In Compensation Fund

Movie Mogul, Harvey Weinstein will be made to pay his accusers $19m as compensation fund following the judgement on his rape allegation.  The New York Attorney General’s office made the announcement today.

“Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company failed their female employees. After all the harassment, threats, and discrimination, their victims are finally receiving some justice,” New York Attorney General Letitia James said.

The settlement comes from a 2020 civil rights lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General’s office against Weinstein, Robert Weinstein, and the Weinstein companies at large for egregious violations of New York’s civil rights, human rights, and business laws, Under the plan, a $18,875,000 victims’ compensation fund will be created and distributed among  women who experienced a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination while working at The Weinstein Company, as well as sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein, the attorney general’s office said.

As part of the agreement, survivors will also be released from confidentiality, non-disclosure, or non-disparagement agreements with The Weinstein Company or any of the former representatives of the company related to any sexual misconduct by Weinstein. They will now be free to tell their stories without fear of retribution, prosecutors said.The agreement must still be approved by the district court and the bankruptcy court that is presiding over The Weinstein Company’s bankruptcy case.

“This agreement is a win for every woman who has experienced sexual harassment, discrimination, intimidation, or retaliation by her employer,” New York Attorney, General Letitia James said.
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